Academic Catalog 2023-2024

College of Saint Mary (CSM) is a private, comprehensive, Catholic University offering professional, health care and liberal arts programs. Associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and certificates are offered and there are over 30 undergraduate majors available. CSM offers Doctorates in Educational Leadership, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy (Summer 2020) and six master’s programs. CSM is located in Omaha, Nebraska, a thriving metropolitan area with a culturally diverse regional population boasting ample opportunities to experience art, theater, music, cultural events, beautiful botanical gardens and a world-renowned zoo. College of Saint Mary is adjacent to the University of Nebraska, Omaha and within walking distance to Aksarben Village (Aksarben is Nebraska spelled backwards) with retail and food shops as well as a park that has a concert or a crafts show every weekend during warm weather months.

This catalog contains current information regarding College of Saint Mary’s academic programs, calendar, admission policies, degree requirement, fees, and regulations. Students are ultimately responsible for knowing and observing all regulations contained herein.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the official representative of the University in matters pertaining to the scholastic life of the student body. Regulations made by her/him in addition to, in abrogation of, or in interpretation of, the following regulations have the same force as the regulations themselves.

In case of a discrepancy between the University catalog and other publications or academic information provided by any faculty or staff member other than the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the catalog takes precedence.

The University reserves the right to terminate or modify program requirements, content and sequence of courses, and program offerings. Students withdrawing from the University completely for a period of one calendar year or more are bound by the catalog in effect when they re-enter, unless the student is away for one to two semesters on an Official Leave of Absence.

It is the responsibility of each student to be acquainted with all requirements for her degree program and to assume responsibility for meeting those requirements. In case of ambiguity, discrepancy, or disagreement, the regulations and requirements stated in this catalog and any subsequent modifications or interpretations by the Vice President for Academic Affairs will prevail.

College of Saint Mary offers a variety of student financial aid options. Scholarships, grants, loans, and work study are available individually or in combination to assist with the cost of attending College of Saint Mary.

CSM participates in the Department of Education’s Campus-Based Programs, which include Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Program and Federal Work- Study (FWS) Program. Because these funds are limited, the earlier an eligible student applies, the more likely she is to receive available campus-based aid.

Students who receive outside scholarships, vocational rehabilitation, or any other outside assistance should inform the Financial Aid Office as early as possible, as these funds will be considered in the awarding process. In no case may a student’s total aid award exceed the total cost of attendance.

Students must apply and be accepted for admission to a degree or certificate program at College of Saint Mary to be considered for financial aid. Students who are interested in applying for financial aid must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) each year so that financial need may be reviewed annually. Include our school code: 002540 on your FAFSA so that the information will be sent to our financial aid office.

The Student Development team provides a variety of opportunities for CSM students to become involved in campus life which attends “to the development of mind, body and spirit.” Students are encouraged to participate in the many co-curricular programs and activities that enhance learning, including leadership development. These programs and opportunities enhance the student learning goals of the university. The Student Handbook outlines the guidelines and expectations of students who are part of the CSM community. All students enrolled at College of Saint Mary are expected to become acquainted with its contents and observe the policies contained within it.

College of Saint Mary recognizes the rich cultural experiences and increased global awareness studying abroad offers. The University encourages its students to study overseas and assistance is given to interested students to help them navigate the study abroad process. Further information about the programs listed below is available from the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee for Academic Affairs, who is also the Study Abroad Coordinator.

All students are required to make semester financial arrangements for tuition and room and board prior to the start of each semester. These arrangements, referred to as “SFA,” must be made online at The Express Center staff in Walsh Hall can assist students with questions about completing their SFA online. By completing the Semester Financial Arrangements (SFA), each student acknowledges that she is responsible for all charges including tuition, books, and room and board, plus any collection agency fees in the event that her student account becomes delinquent and is turned over to a collection agency.