Transfer of Credits

Transfer credits are evaluated on the basis of the following:

  1. The accreditation of the institution from which the student transfers.
  2. The comparability in nature, content and level of credit earned to that offered by College of Saint Mary.
  3. The appropriateness of the credit earned in relation to credit offered by College of Saint Mary and the student’s educational goals.
  4. The age of the credits, depending on the major.

The University does not accept grades below C (2.0) for transfer or credits for remedial/developmental courses. Transfer credits are shown in semester credits on the CSM transcript but are not included in the grade point average calculation. Credit will not be given for duplication of courses. Students enrolling in a bachelor or associate degree program must complete 36 of their last 45 hours at College of Saint Mary. Students who study abroad may request special consideration from the Vice President for Academic Affairs if an exception is needed.

Transfer students are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours of their major courses at College of Saint Mary. Individual programs may require a higher number of College of Saint Mary credit hours in the major field. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the program director for specific program requirements. A maximum of the equivalent of 64 semester hours of transfer credit from accredited community colleges will be accepted toward the 128 hours required for a College of Saint Mary bachelor’s degree. Specific program requirements may differ.

The University maintains articulation agreements with several area community colleges. These agreements enable a community college student to plan ahead for transfer to College of Saint Mary. Curricula designed in a specific articulation agreement take precedence over all other program requirements.