Policy for Failing/Repeating Courses for Graduate Programs

The academic expectation is that all graduate students will earn superior grades. A student is required to achieve a minimum grade point average of “B” (GPA 3.0) in all graduate courses to be allowed to progress to the next semester of coursework. Students in the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Master of Arts in Teaching programs may earn only one “C” during the program of study. Students in the MOT program will follow the policies and procedures as outlined in the Occupational Therapy Student Handbook. The Physician Assistant program will follow the academic standards, remediation, and deceleration policies defined in the PAS Student Handbook.

Whenever a student receives a “C” or lower in a graduate course, the Program Director will communicate with the student regarding progression in the program.

A student may appeal a theory or practicum/internship/preceptorship grade, or other academic decision, following the procedures available from the Office of Academic Affairs and must begin the process no later than one month after the end of the semester in which the decision was made. This policy applies to all graduate students, including those with ADA accommodations.