All First or Second-Year Full-Time Undergraduate Students under the Age of 21 ARE REQUIRED to live in the residence halls unless they meet one of the following exemptions, have submitted the Required Residence Exemption/Exception Form and received approval from the Director of Residence Life one month before classes begin each semester.


  • Married or has dependents
  • Junior status (60+ credit hours.) This does not include first or second-year students who have transferred in college credit from high school
  • Students who are over 21 years of age
  • Students living at home with parents within a 40-mile radius of College of Saint Mary First or Second-Year students who do not meet any of the above exemptions and want to request an exception from the Required Residence policy should complete the online Required Residence Exemption/Exception form and attach a typed letter of explanation and any necessary documentation. This form must be submitted by July 1, 2021 for fall 2021 semester request or by December 1, 2021 for the spring 202s semester.

If the exception is not approved and the student wishes to appeal the decision, the appeal must be received by the Vice President for Student Development and Success, in writing, within five business days of receiving the decision.

Any student who wants to request a medical exception from the Required Residence Policy should complete the Residence Life Medical Exception Form and return it to College of Saint Mary’s ADA Coordinator as soon as possible so requests can be considered. This office is located in the Achievement Center.

  1. Students receiving room and board as part of a scholarship or grant ARE REQUIRED to live in the residence halls. Should scholarship or grant students receiving room and board funds choose to live off campus, they will forfeit the scholarship or grant dollars that fund room and board.
  2. Full-Time Undergraduate Students at College of Saint Mary have first priority for all on-campus housing.
  3. Campushousingisrestrictedtothosefull-timestudentsstudyingforundergraduate degrees at CSM. However, if a student completed her undergraduate work at CSM and is continuing on as a full-time student for a graduate degree at CSM, she may live in the residence halls for the duration of her graduate studies, if space permits. This is only applicable for students who have been living on campus and are renewing the contract for the following year.
  4. Traditional students who are over the age of 35 prior to August 1 of the contract year may not reside in the residence halls at College of Saint Mary.
  5. Criteria to reside at Maryview at the Villa:
    1. Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.
    2. Be at least a 3rd year student by the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to reside in Maryview.
    3. Must be in good conduct/social standing with the college (no disciplinary record).
    4. Must not have a record of any failed health and safety checks during current and all prior academics years.
    5. Be a current residential student at CSM.
  6. All students living in the residence halls MUST participate in CSM’s full board plan.