Graduate Admissions Requirements

  • Applicants seeking admission to College of Saint Mary for a graduate program may be directed to apply using the CSM online application or The Central Application Service based on a program of study.
    • Students utilizing The Central Application Service via CASPA or OTCAS will submit application materials to The Central Application Service. Official final transcripts may be requested and required to be submitted directly to CSM.
  • Official transcripts with the graduation date of undergraduate degree for master’s programs and master’s degree for doctorate programs. (Must provide certified translations for non-English transcripts.) Other college transcripts may be required as determined for certification or transfer credit.
  • Proof of English competency for international students for whom English is not the first language. Programs may have specific requirements. Applicants must demonstrate English competency by accomplishing at least one of the following:
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): an Internet based score of 80 or above.
    • Test of Written English (TWE): a score of 4 or above; or ESL Language Center: completion of Level 9
  • Resumé
  • Submission of program specific requirements.

Application materials for the graduate programs are processed by Enrollment Services and then submitted to the Program Director or Coordinator for review.

If an applicant has deficiencies in meeting the admission requirements for a graduate program, the Program Director or Coordinator may approve provisional admission of applicants who do not meet admission criteria or prerequisite requirements. Prerequisites must be completed for full admission.

The Graduate Enrollment Advisor and the Program Director or Coordinator will monitor the deficiencies to ensure the missing information is received by a predetermined date. If the provisional acceptance is based on future academic performance in a class or classes, the Registrar will provide academic performance information to the Program Director or Coordinator at the end of the appropriate term. The Program Director or Coordinator will then notify the student of the removal of the provisional acceptance or other consequences.

The applicant is notified of acceptance or non-acceptance in writing by Enrollment Services.