SECTION 5: Overview of the Student Conduct Process

This section is intended to give an overview of how the College of Saint Mary student conduct proceedings operate, but it should be noted that not all situations are of the same severity or complexity.

The student conduct process and all applicable timelines commence with notice to an administrator of a potential violation of College policies, including residential community standards. Notice is defined as when any source (complainant, staff member, 3rd party, online post, etc.) is in contact with a College official regarding allegations of a policy violation.

A formal hearing may be held between the student accused of a policy violation and a hearing officer who acts on behalf of the College.  A formal notice of the complaint will be issued to the student at the time when they are informed of the meeting. At CSM, hearing officers include, but may not be limited to, the individuals who serve in the positions listed below:

  • Residence Life Graduate Assistant
  • Lozier Hall Director
  • Director of Residence Life
  • Assistant Dean of Student Life

Unless unusual circumstances are present, the Residence Life Graduate Assistant, Lozier Hall Director, and the Director of Residence Life will only hear cases involving residential students. Generally within 5 business days, a finding will be determined and that decision is final unless a student completes a successful formal appeal.

A student found responsible for a policy violation will be issued an educational sanction congruent with the individual student and his/her violations. More information about sanctions can be found in Section 6.