No person is allowed to attend class unless officially enrolled on a credit or non-credit basis with the appropriate tuition paid.

Regular attendance at classes is expected of all students. The student is directly responsible to the instructor for attendance at classes and for work missed through late registration, illness, family issues, or any other cause. Each instructor will explain in his/her classes the procedures he/she wishes to follow in case of absence. This policy is to be included in the course syllabus and given to each student at the first class meeting. Each instructor is responsible for enforcing his/her stated attendance policy. In case of unsatisfactory work due to excessive absence, the instructor, after giving oral or written warning to the student, may initiate withdrawal action with the concurrence of her/his Associate Dean (Administrative Withdrawal).

It is the student’s responsibility to attend all scheduled classes as well as all practicum, internship, and preceptorship experiences. If the student notifies the faculty member of an absence prior to the course meeting, make-up opportunities may be provided but are not guaranteed. Failure to achieve course outcomes due to absence(s) may result in failure of the course.

In the case of extended absences due to extraordinary circumstances, the student is expected to make arrangements with all instructors as soon as possible for making up work and assignments or complete the required paperwork for an incomplete, in accordance with the existing policy in the academic catalog. Arrangements for missing assignments will be recommended by the instructor/course coordinator to the Program Director. If work cannot be made up, the student is expected to complete a Withdrawal form which is available from the Registrar’s Office.