Authorship Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs

Scholarly Presentations and Publications: When the faculty member has offered substantial guidance and feedback during the scholarly project process, student(s) are listed as authors; the faculty person is listed as contributing author or placed sequentially following the student author(s). This would include course work that has been required for a course. The faculty should be informed, involved in the editing/proofing and included as second author.

Use of student work: Permission should be obtained and attribution should be given, if appropriate, * when faculty use student work in their own professional presentations or publications.

Credit to other organizations: Credit is limited to College of Saint Mary unless another organization has provided resources for a portion or all of the work. In that instance, they may be credited with providing resources. Other organizations such as the place of employment should not be included in the credits.

Permission from other sources: Permission must be obtained in writing from sources used such as diagrams or theoretical frameworks prior to publishing.

*If students are identified, written permission from the student(s) must be obtained.