Transfer Policies

Advanced standing may be granted to the student who qualifies for transfer from an accredited graduate program. The number of transferable credit hours is limited by the residency requirement. The residency requirement is that 2/3 of the master’s degree or doctoral degree must be completed at CSM.


  • All of the credits for Master in Occupational Therapy must be completed at CSM.
  • The Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies does not allow advanced standing and all credit for the program must be completed at CSM.
  • All of the credits for Doctor of Occupational Therapy must be completed at CSM.
  • All of the Credits for the Doctor of Physical Therapy must be completed at CSM.
Program Total Required Credits Residency Credits 
MSOL 36 24
MAT 36-57 24-38
MSPAS 106 106
MKES 30-33 20-22
Ed.D. 87 39
OTD 107-109 107-109
DPT 117 117

A maximum of thirty-six semester credits from master’s-level courses may apply towards the Doctor of Education. Doctorate level transfer credits may fulfill program requirements if they do not conflict with the residency requirements.

The student who wishes to transfer with advanced standing must fulfill the following requirements before being considered for admission: fulfill admission requirements; present a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 (no grade of C+ or lower will be accepted); provide favorable reference(s) from the graduate program from which she/he is transferring; and submit all application materials in advance of admission date.

Credit allowance for graduate courses is considered on an individual basis. The program of study will be developed based on accepted transfer college credits. The following materials may be requested: course syllabi; results of standardized tests; University catalog; and a sample of previous course work. Credit for prior learning may be accepted but is subject to review for eligibility and is limited to 10% of the overall credit hours.

Transfer Procedure:

  1. EnrollmentServicesshall:
    1. Secure application materials and submit them to the Program Director.
    2. Send a letter to the applicant stating the admission decision after review by the Program Director.
    3. Informtheapplicantofher/hisadvisor’snameandreferher/himtotheadvs or for registration.
  2. The Program Director shall:

    1. Review applicant materials for: satisfactory completion of required courses; academic standing and GPA; course deficiencies, if any; course content and competencies; and letters of recommendation.

    2. Arrange for an interview with the applicant as deemed necessary.

    3. Make recommendations to the Graduate Admissions and Policies Committee regarding the applicant’s eligibility should a prospective student not meet the minimum admissions criteria.

    4. Meet with the student to develop and discuss a preliminary plan of study. (A copy is given to the student and the original is placed in the student’s folder.)

  3. The Registrar shall finalize the transcript for transfer able credit of courses

  4. The Associate Dean for the program shall approve doctoral plans of study.