Bachelor Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts degree is granted in the following majors:
The Bachelor of Science degree is granted in the following majors:

*Required courses for secondary teacher certification or K-12 in the State of Nebraska may be taken in these areas. **Required courses for middle school teacher certification in the State of Nebraska may be taken in these areas.

Minors may be pursued in the following areas:

Art (ART)

Humanities (HUM)

Biology (BIO)

Interdisciplinary Leadership (LDR)

Business (BUS)

Mathematics (MTH)

Business Information Systems (BIS)

History (HIS)

Chemistry (CHM)

Human Biology (HBIO)

Communication (COM)

Music (MUS)

Creative Writing (CRW)

Philosophy (PHL)

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Psychology (PSY)

English (ENG)

Spanish (SPN)

Environmental Sustainability (SUS)

Special Education (SPE)

Fine Arts (FNA)

Theology (THL)

Forensic Science (FOS)

Women’s Studies (WST)

Gallery Management (GMT)


A minimum of 18 credits is required for a minor or a supporting field. At least one half of the credits must be taken at College of Saint Mary.

A supporting field in one of the following areas may be chosen in place of a minor:

  • Social Science: sociology, history, political science, psychology, economics
  • Behavioral Science: sociology, human services, psychology
  • Business Management: accounting, business, business information systems, economics
  • Fine Arts: art*, theatre, creative writing**, music***
  • Humanities: art*, foreign language, literature, history, music***, philosophy, theology, communication, theatre/performance
  • Natural Science and Mathematics: biology, chemistry, physical science, science, mathematics
  • Natural Sciences: chemistry, biology, physical science, science

 * Any ART course except ART 372, 374 and 495.
** Any writing course beyond ENG 101
***Music: 3 hours must be in applied music or chorus (MUS 247); 3 to 6 hours must be in other music classes.

A supporting field is a planned combination of courses from a broad academic spectrum, which lends support to the major. A student choosing a supporting field in place of a minor must do so by the first semester of her junior year. The associate dean from which the supporting field is chosen must approve the supporting field.

The planned combination of courses must include 18 hours, of which at least 12 hours are beyond General Education requirements. Courses must be taken in at least two subject areas within the general category and outside the major. Two options are available to students in fulfilling the requirement:

  1. A minimum of 9 hours may be taken in one subject area.
  2. A minimum of 6 hours each may be taken in two subject areas.
Double Major

A student may complete a bachelor degree with a double major, in which case the second major replaces the minor or supporting field requirement. (Only one diploma is awarded; double major is recorded on the transcript.) In order to complete a double major:

  1. The student must fulfill all departmental requirements for both majors along with General Education requirements.
  2. The request for a double major must be recorded by the Registrar.
  3. The student must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in each major program. If both majors require cross-listed courses, no more than six credit hours can overlap to meet the 30-hour degree requirement.
Bachelor Degree Requirements
  1. Total of a minimum of 120 hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  2. A major of at least 30 hours with a minimum grade of C- or better in all courses listed in the major area. The student must also give an acceptable performance on the departmental overview, a comprehensive examination or senior project, required in the major. Individual programs may have higher GPA requirements which are identified in the courses of study section of this catalog.
  3. A minor or supporting field of at least 18 hours. Students completing a double major are not required to fulfill the minor or supporting field requirement.
  4. Completion of the General Education Requirements which includes English and mathematics competence requirements.
  5. A minimum of 36 of the last 45 hours must be taken at College of Saint Mary. A minimum of 12 of the hours taken at College of Saint Mary must be taken in the major as specified by the program director. Students who study abroad may request special consideration from the Vice President for Academic Affairs if fewer than 36 of their last 45 credits will be taken at CSM due to the study abroad.