Health Insurance Requirement

The University recognizes that good health is essential for any student to achieve her educational objectives. It is important that all students have access to health care services while attending the University.

Full Time Students: CSM strongly recommends that all students have comprehensive health insurance for the entire academic year. Students who are not covered by a health insurance plan are strongly encouraged to enroll in one of the medical insurance plans offered by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska or E.J. Smith & Associates. Information on these plans can be found at: or

International Students: It is especially critical that international students have access to health care services in the United States, since it may be impossible for an international student to travel to her home country in the event of a health emergency due to illness or accident. Accordingly, the University requires that all international students be covered by a health insurance plan that will pay for health care services rendered by health providers in the United States, as well as covering repatriation of remains back to the international student’s home country in case of death. International students may meet this requirement by:

  1. Providing the University a certificate of insurance coverage evidencing coverage for health care services rendered in the United States. Such certificate shall be a condition of admission to the University. The certificate must identify the duration of the insurance coverage (e.g. beginning and ending dates of coverage). If coverage expires while the student is attending the University, a new certificate of insurance must be provided in the same manner to the Student Development Office, or the student will not be allowed to register for classes in subsequent semesters.
  2. Companies who provide this type of insurance include:
    1. International Student Insurance – or 877-758-4391
    2. GeoBlue– or800-257-4823
    3. ISO – or 800-244-1180
    4. IMG– or866-263-0669

Physician Assistant Studies health insurance policy: All students must provide proof of health insurance prior to matriculation and must have an active policy throughout the entire PAS program. Students are financially responsible for the cost of all health care services they may require while enrolled in the program, including any health care services required as a result of their participation in scheduled program activities (e.g. TB testing, immunizations, treatment of injuries, pathogen exposure evaluation and treatment). CSM does not assume responsibility for health-care-related costs arising from the illness or injury of a student.