Absence (University-Authorized) for University-Sponsored Activities

In addition to a documented and bona fide medical emergency or the death of an immediate family member, absences from class are authorized for students who, as individuals or members of athletic teams or other organized groups, represent the university in university- sponsored activities. The Physician Assistant Studies program (Levels 4 and 5) will follow the University-Authorized Absence policy described at the bottom of this section.

The following groups are included: (1) members of authorized varsity teams (athletic and otherwise) participating in scheduled intercollegiate competitions (practices and training sessions are excluded); (2) participants in university-sponsored curricular and co-curricular activities led by faculty and/or staff; and (3) student engagement sponsored by the institution and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (e.g., research presentations, and performances at national conferences or events). Though such absence for university- sponsored activities is authorized by the university, faculty and staff leading such activities should make every effort to ensure minimal disruption of student class attendance.

The student is responsible at a minimum for notification to the faculty in the first week of the semester or as soon as possible, preferably in the first class meeting, of any absences that will occur as well as notification the week before the absence, including departure times. A student who anticipates missing class for an excused absence is required to discuss this issue with the instructor during the first week of class or as soon as possible to determine the possible solutions or consequences of missed class meetings. Courses in some programs with special accreditation or licensure requirements should not be taken in a semester where a student anticipates a high number of absences. The student will need to work with her advisor to take classes appropriate for the requirements in the curricular or co-curricular activities.

If the student provides adequate notification as outlined above, faculty are expected to honor a valid excuse for a university-authorized absence and to provide reasonable make-up work without penalty as specified in their syllabi. Class experiences that are impossible to make up should be discussed during the first week of classes when there is sufficient time for a student to drop the course or determine if an alternative assignment is possible. Academic Programs can determine acceptable parameters for “reasonable make-up work” for their faculty.

Due to the requirements of the clinical year of the PAS program, students are strongly encouraged to discuss with their academic advisor whether or not it is wise for them to participate in outside employment or intercollegiate athletics. The student will not be excused from any Supervised Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) or examinations for employment, university-sponsored activities, or CSM athletic practice/event. Students involved in university-sponsored activities may request approval of an absence to the PAS Program Director at least two weeks prior to the activity for consideration. The PAS Program Director will make the decision regarding the university-sponsored activity. Unexcused absences as described in the PAS Program Handbook will result in removal from the clinical site, a failing grade for the course, and possible dismissal from the program.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs will make the final decision in the event of questions or the need for an exception to the above policy.