Non-Degree Seeking Students

Graduate level classes may be taken by a non-degree seeking student provided the prospective student has completed the applicable degree(s) and has successfully completed any prerequisite coursework. The following steps will be taken:

  1. Student will contact the Registrar’s Office to register.
  2. Student will complete an electronic information sheet/registration form with basic contact and demographic information and provide official transcripts to verify degree and prerequisite coursework.
  3. Registrar’s Office will contact program director for approval.
  4. Registrar’sOffice will register student and mail grade report.
  5. Student may request transcript via University process.

Exception: A person holding a teacher certification who wishes to enroll as non-degree seeking for the purpose of re-certification, Nebraska certification or adding an endorsement, must request an interview with Director of Education program and provide appropriate transcripts. The Director will review the transcripts and create a program plan for the certification if applicable. The student will then be referred to the Registrar’s Office for registration.