Application Process

Students who want to study abroad for a semester, year, or summer do so with a study abroad organization. The Study Abroad Coordinator can help the student identify a program that fits the student’s interest. The programs listed on the CSM Study Abroad webpage ( are just a few of the many programs available to students who want to study abroad. Once the student has identified the program in which she is interested, she will begin the application process with the study abroad organization. The student also needs to complete the CSM Study Abroad Application Form, which requires meeting with a financial aid counselor, the Registrar, and the student’s academic advisor. Meeting with the academic advisor helps the student to determine how the credits taken while studying abroad will transfer into her academic plan at CSM.

A student interested in studying abroad should begin the exploration and application process at least one semester before the semester in which she plans to study abroad. Application deadlines for CSM are as follows: Fall: March 15th; Spring: October 15th; Summer: April 1. Please note that the study abroad provider may have additional deadlines.

Students studying abroad in:

Should begin the application process by:

Application Deadline

Fall February 1 March 15
Spring August 1 October 15
Summer December 1 April 1

When accepted into the program and approved by CSM, the student will be registered as a current CSM student with “Study Abroad” designation. Actual courses will be recorded on the transcript when the student returns to CSM and the study abroad transcript is received by the University.