Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Bachelor’s Degree with coursework in a teaching area for which CSM has a program. Completion of background check ( prior to both field experiences (fieldwork and clinical).

If a student has felony convictions, or misdemeanor convictions involving abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct as defined in state rule section 005.07A he/she will be rejected for admission to the program.

The student must provide evidence of successful completion of the Praxis Core assessment prior to registration for the first semester OR must provide evidence that the student has registered to take the test within the first two months of the program in order to be registered for the first semester of the program. Minimum passing scores on the Praxis Core assessment must be received by the end of the first semester in the program or the student will not be allowed to register for the second semester. If the student does not pass, and is unable to register for the second semester, they may apply for a one semester Leave of Absence during which they will submit a study plan in conjunction with support services provided by the Achievement Center.

Minimum GPA of 2.75

Demonstration of required professional dispositions throughout the application process Approval of Program Director

Returning students: Previously earned credits cannot be more than five years old if they are to be used in a program of study once a student is readmitted.

Once a student is admitted to the MAT Program, she/he must complete requirements designated by the program:

Effective September 1, 2015: All candidates applying for certification in Nebraska must provide evidence they have taken the required Praxis II content test and received the required passing score.