Graduate Programs

Graduate programs at College of Saint Mary arise from society's need for individuals prepared as multi-dimensional leaders. Graduate programs support the CSM mission and are characterized by advanced educational processes whereby the capabilities and leadership potential of the individual are more fully developed. These educational processes are designed to provide experiences necessary to foster development as scholars, researchers, and effective communicators; to think critically and creatively, evaluate scholarly literature, solve problems, and improve practices in their fields and/or organizations. College of Saint Mary masters and doctoral graduates possess skills necessary to provide leadership in a variety of settings, to work collaboratively with others and to make ethical decisions and judgments.

Degrees Offered

In accordance with Title IX of the Education Act Amendments of 1972, College of Saint Mary admits women and men into all post-baccalaureate programs, including graduate programs. All students, regardless of gender, are given the same levels of support, guidance and education that have distinguished CSM's all-women's undergraduate programs.