Courses at Other Institutions

Degree-seeking students (bachelor and associate degree candidates) attending College of Saint Mary are required to take all classes at the University. Under special circumstances, students enrolled in a degree-seeking program, whether full- or part-time, may transfer in credit hours from another accredited institution while enrolled in a degree program at College of Saint Mary. The number of credit hours allowed may never exceed nine credit hours.

Credits from a study abroad program, a concurrent dual degree program or an approved partnership agreement between College of Saint Mary and another institution/company may not be subject to this policy.

The above policy does not affect credits earned prior to a student’s transfer to College of Saint Mary from another institution, articulation agreements and courses required for a major not offered at College of Saint Mary. Degree-seeking students must complete a minimum of 36 hours of the last 45 credit hours at College of Saint Mary.

Students who study abroad may request special consideration from the Vice President for Academic Affairs if fewer than 36 of their last 45 credits will be taken at CSM due to the study abroad.

PRIOR PERMISSION must be obtained from the student’s major program Associate Dean before taking an off-campus course. The Approval for Off Campus Course form available online at must be filled out with appropriate justification and signatures (student’s advisor, Registrar, and Associate Dean).

Requests for prior approval to take a course at another institution will not be accepted if:

  • any of the required signatures are not on the form;
  • a justification is not stated on the form;
  • the justification is not adequately sufficient to merit approval in the opinion of the Associate Dean; or
  • the student has already enrolled in or taken the course for which prior approval is being sought

Students should not enroll in an off-campus course or courses before receiving final approval. This policy applies to all degree-seeking students at College of Saint Mary, regardless of their degree program.

Acceptance of transfer credits by College of Saint Mary cannot be guaranteed without this prior permission.