CSMAdvantage and Community Days

CSMAdvantage and Community Days provides academic and personal support to first-year traditional students, as well as incoming students in the Mother’s Living and Learning Program. The kick-off for this program is an immersion experience involving student planning and skill assessment called CSMAdvantage and Community Days. During CSMAdvantage and community Days, students meet other new students in small-group settings and get to know faculty members, staff, and student leaders. CSMAdvantage and Community Days activities include academic preparation in critical thinking, study skills, test taking, time management, financial planning, in addition to other academic and interpersonal preparation exercises. The students also learn leadership through team- building activities and goal setting. During the year, students meet individually with the program’s director for on-going assessment, mentoring and academic planning. CSMAdvantage and Community Days is a valuable educational opportunity, as well as a fun- packed time at CSM.