Student Parking/Vehicle Policy

On-campus parking is available to CSM students at no cost. All student cars are to be properly licensed as well as registered through the Information Center, and a CSM sticker must be displayed on the car when it is parked on campus. While parked on campus, students should keep vehicles locked and not leave any personal property or valuables in plain sight. Resident students may only maintain one vehicle on campus. The university assumes no risk from damage to any vehicle that occurs on campus.

No parking areas: No vehicle shall be parked in any unauthorized area which includes, but is not limited ro: crosswalks, blue handicapped parking stalls or the areas to the left and right of these stalls marked in yellow lines, red fire lanes, or any space marked ‘No Parking’; nor shall any unauthorized vehicle be parked in a space marked with a sign for a particular individual.

Vacation periods: Only residential students may leave their vehicles on campus during vacation periods, and to do so, residents must notify the Director of Residence Life. Vehicles that remain on campus during vacation periods must be parked in a designated area, in order to facilitate snow removal and parking lot repairs, etc.

Inoperable Vehicles: Vehicles which have been damaged, have a flat tire, or are not in running condition must adhere to parking regulations and must be removed from the campus within six (6) days, or as instructed by Security. Report inoperable vehicles to Security Office at 402-670-8848.

Continual violations may result in towing.