Pass-Fail Courses

Students have the opportunity to elect some courses on a pass-fail basis. Often students desire an elective course in a field unrelated to their own, but hesitate to enroll in the course because they do not wish to compete with students majoring in the area covered by the course.

In order to encourage such students, pass-fail courses may be chosen according to the following stipulations:

  1. Students are allowed to take a maximum of four courses for which they may receive a grade of pass or fail.
  2. Only one pass-fail course may be taken per semester.
  3. Pass-fail courses may only be elective courses. They may not be courses in the General Education Core, in the student’s major, minor or supporting fields.
  4. Students should submit a letter to the Registrar's Office with the following information: the course to be taken, request that the grade should be entered as pass-fail, advisor's signature and instructor name. The Registrar will verify that the course meets the criteria above and will forward a copy of the letter to the instructor.
  5. After registering for a course on the pass-fail basis, students may not change to taking the course for a grade (or vice versa), no matter how well they do in the course when they are taking it. Students do, however, have the regular one week after registration in the fall and spring semesters and one day in the summer sessions to make changes.
  6. Pass-fail courses will be counted toward the credits required for graduation, but they will not be considered in computing the GPA.