SECTION 3: Violations of Local, State, and Federal Law

As the CSM Student Code of Conduct is separate from criminal and civil proceedings, alleged violations of federal, state, and local laws may be investigated and addressed under the Student Code of Conduct. When an offense occurs, the College’s conduct process will usually go forward notwithstanding any criminal complaint that may arise from the same incident.

The College reserves the right to exercise its authority of interim suspension upon notification that a student is facing criminal investigation and/or complaint. Interim suspensions are imposed by the Assistant Dean of Student Life or the Director of Residence Life until a hearing can be held, typically within 10 working days. Within that time, the suspended student may request an immediate hearing in writing to the Assistant Dean of Student Life to show cause for why the interim suspension should be lifted. If an immediate hearing is held, this hearing will serve to determine whether the interim suspension is continued, but will not serve in place of the conduct hearing.