Currently enrolled students and new students register via on-line registration. The Registrar’s Office registers student in cohort graduate programs. All degree-seeking students must meet with their advisors to discuss their registrations. The advisor then authorizes the student to register on-line. Students who have a second major, minor, or secondary education minor, should meet with that advisor first, have the advisor sign a Registration Authorization form, and then take that form to their primary advisor for authorization. The student may register and make any changes to her registration via PowerCampus Self Service located in MyCSM ( Students are solely responsible for any changes made in their schedule of classes without prior approval of their advisors. Registration for the fall semester takes place in early spring and, for the spring and summer semesters, in late fall. Registration for classes incurs a financial obligation and enrollment is finalized when the student makes semester financial arrangements for payment of tuition either online or in the Express Center. Students are expected to complete registration prior to the first day of classes, as indicated by the directives from the Registrar’s office.