Testing Policy

Student Support Services (SSS) offers LIMITED administration of makeup exams for ADJUNCT faculty only. Part-time and full-time faculty members are expected to administer all makeup exams to their students. An adjunct faculty member may utilize SSS to administer a make-up exam only in emergency or extenuating circumstances such as when a student experiences a death in the family, car accident, severe illness, or a medical emergency. Extenuating circumstances do not include tardiness, forgetfulness, tiredness, independent study or vacation plan conflicts.

The faculty member may hand deliver the exam to Mary Schlueter’s office (Hixson-Lied Commons- Rm 124) or email it to [email protected] and [email protected].  If the exam is online and password protected, please send the password to BOTH email addresses listed. Please include:

  • Date the test must be completed by
  • Student’s name
  • Time limit, if applicable
  • If any aids (calculator, formula sheet, text, notes) may be used
  • Instructions on how you wish the test to be returned to you (e.g., you will pick it up, Mary will scan and send it to your CSM account, fax it to the number you provide, or slide it under your office door).

Student Support Services will proctor only one makeup exam per course and the student must make the testing appointment at least 48 hours in advance. If the student misses her scheduled testing appointment, the non-completed exam will be held until the faculty member picks it up.

*Please note: No whole class exams will be given or proctored by SSS staff, nor will they proofread or score exams.


Testing Policy Addendum  (Advance Notice)

All instructors who receive letters from the ADA Coordinator (Tina Tingwald) regarding student test accommodations and any adjunct faculty requesting limited makeup testing due to emergencies or extenuating circumstances are required to provide Testing Coordinator Mary Schlueter with the exam (if paper), online passcodes, and all additional test instructions or supplies 48 business hours in advance (excluding weekends) for any student testing outside the classroom and needing a SSS test proctor. For example, if a test is scheduled Tuesday at 9am, Mary would need the test (and any accompanying materials, time limits, codes, etc.) by 9am the previous Friday. Timely submission of exams is needed for effective communication with proctors and for test security. If an instructor does not have the test and all information to Mary 48 business hours in advance, the instructor then has the responsibility to plan with the student and to proctor the test her/himself and provide all test accommodations as indicated in the letter of notification from the ADA Office.


Testing Policy Addendum 2  (Students Requiring a Test Reader)

If an accommodation letter indicates that a student needs a test reader, the faculty member must create a new quiz within Canvas (unless the student waives this), even when choosing to give a paper exam. The exam can be copied and pasted into Canvas New Quizzes and the Director of Instructional Development, Mark White, can assist. Readspeaker, time extension, password protection, and other settings are automatically available within Canvas.