LAW 470: Paralegal Internship

Class Program
Credits 3

LAW 470 is a 3-credit course which provides actual work experience in a legal setting, giving students an opportunity to incorporate classroom learning with practical experience under the supervision of an attorney. The internship entails a minimum of 160 hours completed with the internship host within the framework of the semester in which the internship occurs.


Requirements for acceptance to LAW 470*


  1. Permission of the Program Director.
  2. Enrollment in the certificate, bachelor, or associate degree in paralegal studies program.
  3. Enrollment in the last semester of course work.
  4. Students must demonstrate suitability for the paralegal profession based on the following factors: academic performance, character and professionalism, dependability, cooperation and command of oral and written language skills.
  5. Completion of at least 75 percent (65 percent for certificate seekers) of law credit hours.
  6. Recommended registration in no more than 12 hours in addition to Law 470.
  7. GPA of 2.5 in law course work and GPA of 2.5 overall
  8. A grade of C or better in all law courses.
  9. Completion of an interview with the Program Director.
  10. Completion and submission of application.


* The Program Director reserves the right to waive requirements. Law 470 may not be taken as an audit course.