DPT 800: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy I

Class Program
Credits 4
This course provides an overview of the related pathologies, diagnostic and medical-surgical procedures of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. Students are instructed in the basic examination, evaluation, intervention, and outcome assessment of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems as related to physical therapy. Physiological principles of exercise will be applied to cardiovascular and pulmonary examination and intervention for given pathologies. Students will demonstrate PT cardiovascular and pulmonary examination, procedures, treatment planning, documentation and outcome measurement across all clinical settings and explore interventions related to exercise, functional activities and airway clearance. The relevance of clinical laboratory values and medical/surgical diagnostics and interventions associated with cardiovascular and pulmonary dysfunctions will also be covered. Particular attention is focused on exercise prescriptions, patient management in various clinical settings, current medical and surgical procedures, guidelines, and education associated with inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation for individuals with cardiovascular and/or pulmonary impairments. Students will use evidence-based practice to guide decisions for developing a physical therapy plan of care.