DPT 730: Biophysical Agents/Therapeutic Interventions

Class Program
Credits 4
This course introduces the use of biophysical agents such as superficial heat, cold, ultrasound, intermittent compression, shortwave diathermy, laser, mechanical modalities, massage and electrotherapy techniques in the management of patients with impairments, functional limitations, activity limitations and participation restrictions. The course will stress a clinical decision-making approach for the selection and application of appropriate biophysical agents within the patient/client management model. Throughout the course evidence supporting the optimal use of biophysical agents will be discussed. This course will also focus on developing therapeutic interventions based the foundational principles of therapeutic exercise. Students will learn to develop physical therapy plans of care to: (1) remediate or prevent impairments, (2) enhance function, (3) reduce risk, (4) optimize overall health, and (5) enhance fitness and well-being. Students will apply clinical decision-making models to address interventions to meet patient/client goals and meet desired outcomes. The goal of the course is to prepare students in this foundational knowledge and skill, so they are able to develop and deliver comprehensive plans of care across the lifespan.