DPT 708: PT Practice Issues: Psychosocial Aspects of PT

Class Program
Credits 2
This course focuses on managing individual needs during illness and disease as well as ways to successfully interact with and enhance wellness of patients and families in health care settings. The course will provide a review of psychosocial aspects of illness and disability to include: (1) responses of the PT, individual/client, family, and support network to the stress of terminal, chronic, and acute illness and disability; (2) developmental tasks and changes common to various stages in the life cycle of the family; (3) cultural influences on the individual and family responses; (4) impact of cognitive challenges on physical therapy practice; (5) indicators of physical and sexual abuse and neglect, resource and support networks, and influence on treatment plans; (6) key aspects of various mental health issues, when to refer out, and how to promote positive interactions and changes in behavior and compliance; (7) impact of poverty on family stress and health; (8) stages and impact of death, grief, and mourning for the client, family, support network, and therapist; (9) optimal management of psychosocial issues in client, social networks, peer, and supervisory relationships; (10) maintaining psychological health within the professional environment.