Students wishing to major in the general area of humanities may receive a bachelor’s degree in this area. The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities includes an interdisciplinary major and minor and supporting courses that cover seven academic areas in the humanities. These are Communication (COM); English (ENG); History and Political Science (HPS); Philosophy (PHL); Theology (THL); Visual Art (ART); and Performing Art (MUS and THR). Also required is an interdisciplinary project designed to integrate knowledge and insights from two or more humanities areas (HUM 495).

A graduate in humanities can bring to a variety of professions a broad background in the liberal arts; an awareness of a person as an intellectual, emotional, physical, ethical, and aesthetic whole; and an understanding of, and sensitivity to, the human condition. These are qualities essential in interpersonal relationships in all professions.

Degrees and Certificates


HUM 495: Coordinating Seminar

Designed as a course to prepare students for the post-graduation world, HUM 495 involves considerable hands-on work. Students research employment options and prepare resumes and cover letters (or, if a student intends to pursue graduate work, she will research graduate schools and prepare a statement of purpose). All students write, workshop, and revise an extensive writing project; and they present this project at either Student Scholars Day or during an in-class teaching demonstration. Course offered during Spring semesters.