Human Biology

This program provides a more human-focused program of study for the pre-health student than the current biology program of study. This program of study is also the undergraduate component for students accepted into the PAS Accelerated Entry Pathway (PAS-AEP). It creates a degree-awarding program of study which includes the prerequisites necessary for a clinical career (physician, physician assistant, physical therapist, dentist, etc.) while also providing a broad range of exposure to the biological and psychological understanding of the human being.

The required courses of the major tract provide: a fundamental basis of biologic knowledge (general biology, genetics and biochemistry); specific understanding of the human body (advanced anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology (the study of disease)); in-depth study of microscopic information (microbiology and immunology); and support for the future clinician as a scientist (statistics and seminars on the scientific method and use of scientific literature). Compared to the traditional biology degree, the pre-clinical student can focus on other aspects of the human instead of developing a breadth of knowledge about living things in general. This opens up 8 credit hours for additional coursework outside of the biology program. For the Pre-PAS student these hours will be used to “accelerate” the master’s portion of the program by allowing the student to begin master’s coursework in their senior year. For other students in the Human Biology program, this allows additional electives to be taken in biology, psychology, chemistry or mathematics.

The supporting field for the human biology degree includes a significant psychology component. An understanding of human psychology, development and behavior is critical to dealing with patients and their families in any clinical endeavor, and is a component of most clinical encounters. It is also an important foundation on which to build an understanding of mental illness and its treatment, which is covered in medical school or physician assistant studies. To that end, Lifespan Development (PSY 220 – Developmental Psychology) is the required general education “choice” component (credit overlap between general education and the supporting field), and Abnormal Psychology (PSY 410) is also a required supporting field course.

Human biology majors will complete BIO 473, Capstone Project or BIO 475, Capstone Thesis for 1-4 credits.

Admissions Requirements

To begin the Human Biology program students must meet the prerequisites for MTH 114, ENG 101, BIO 110, and CHM 110 (by placement or past coursework).