History and Political Science

The study of history and political science is essential to a well-rounded liberal arts education and key to preparing graduates for educated citizenship. At CSM, history courses stress the value of studying the past in order to better understand human beings and the institutions they have created. Political science courses build practical citizenship skills through the study of political institutions, processes and ideas. Preparation in these disciplines cultivates historical awareness and civic literacy essential to full engagement in the complexities of contemporary society.

Degrees and Certificates


HPS 110: American Government

An overview of the structure and functions of American democracy, focusing particularly on the federal system. Emphasis is on enhancing student understanding of the workings of government in order to facilitate civic engagement.

HPS 160: World Geography

An introduction to the study of geography focusing on basic concepts of geography and examining the relationships between people and their environments.

HPS 236: History of the Sixties

A study of the political, social and cultural developments of the 1960s and the imprint this tumultuous and transitional decade has left on the United States and the rest of the world.

HPS 240: History of Women in Europe

An exploration of the lives of noteworthy women in the Western tradition. These women will be studied both as individuals and as reflections of their cultural context.

HPS 251: US Women's History

This course examines the history of American women from pre-European settlement to present. Special attention is paid to the changing nature of the institutions of family, work, education and politics and the role women have played (and continue to play) in facilitating change in these arenas.

HPS 255: Black History in the United States

Black History in the United States surveys African American History from 1865-present. It provides a general introduction to the major debates, issues and themes in African American history after the Civil War, with a particular focus on the issue of voting rights. The course includes an immersion experience to Washington D.C.

HPS 260: Regional Geography

A special topics course focused on regional physical and cultural geography. The focus region(s) and topic(s) vary from semester to semester.

HPS 265: US Immigration

This course focuses on the history and politics of immigration today, with a special focus on Mexican immigration. Students will explore the economic and political factors that shape the modern immigration system. Students will also examine the incorporation (political, cultural, educational, etc.) of new immigrants into host communities, particularly the Omaha Community. The course includes an immersion experience to Washington, D.C.

HPS 349: Holocaust in Literature and Film

The Holocaust may be the best-documented event in human history. In less than a century, a massive canon has been created, spanning from children's books and poetry to academic manuscripts, and from documentary films to Hollywood dramatizations. This undergraduate history course will encourage students to consider the Holocaust in new ways, by studying various forms of literature and film.