ECO 131: Macroeconomics

Introduction to economic principles, problems, and policies with an emphasis on Gross National Product, income, and employment. Problem areas such as inflation and depression are discussed as well as the effect of government monetary and fiscal policies.

ECO 132: Microeconomics

This course investigates the process of production and distribution within the economy. The effects of different market structures upon product price and output as well as the determinants of the demand for labor and other resources are examined. Microeconomics deals with the problems faced by individual firms and households, including consumption, the distribution of wealth, and the price mechanism.

ECO 150: Personal Finance

Personal finance is the study of managing your money and achieving your goals. Students will examine how to set goals and make the best financial choices. Major topics are budgeting, saving for the future, loans and credit cards, insurance, and taxes. This is a survey course suitable for students in any major. (Also listed as BUS 150.)

ECO 331: Money and Banking

A study of the basic principles of money, banking, and finance as they are related to business and the financial system. Course examines the nation's money supply and the impact of monetary policies on the performance of the economy. (Also listed as BUS 331.)

ECO 387: Experimental Course

A course not regularly scheduled but may be offered according to the needs of the student. Subject matter will vary accordingly.

ECO 391: Special Project

Directed readings and an independent project allow the student to explore a specific area of economics.