Excellent communication is a key to success and satisfaction in both personal and professional roles. The need and demand for communication skills is greater than ever in today’s information age. Students who wish to add a strong communication background to any baccalaureate degree may do so by choosing a minor in communication.

Degrees and Certificates


COM 101: Oral Communication Skills

This course focuses on the development of effective skills in oral presentations. It includes the preparation and delivery a variety of oral presentations.

COM 210: Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is defined as the symbolic process of creating meaning between 2 persons who have an established relationship. In this course, students will examine both processes and theories of interpersonal communication, as well as critically reflect on their own interpersonal skill competencies. Students will be asked to explore interpersonal communication in their personal relationships, the media, and communication research.

COM 212: Communication for Professionals

Theory and practice of communication in professional situations. Areas of study include communication theory and job-seeking skills in addition to individual and group presentations.

COM 225: Advanced Public Speaking

This course will focus on public speaking in its various forms and seek to polish skills in the preparation, delivery, and evaluation of public speeches.

COM 306: Intercultural Communication

This class will link the study of communication with the study of culture.  Students will develop an understanding and respect of cultural backgrounds while communicating effectively.

COM 330: Gender and Communication

This course is designed to examine the construction of gender through communication, grounded on the premise that all we create--including gender--is accomplished through communication. It examines how (and why) masculinity and femininity are socially constructed and maintained.

COM 380: Experimental Course

The context and method of this course will vary in accord with current needs and interests. May be repeated for credit or non-credit.